Universal Dancer Temple of the Sacred Arts

Ancient Egypt Meets Modern Day

The Universal Dancer Temple of the Sacred Arts is a sacred space, a safe space for students and participants to explore and express ideas. It is a place to grow and learn. Like the temples of old, it is a spiritual gathering place and a center of higher learning.

The principles are inspired by Hat-Hor, the neteret of the divine feminine. Hat-Hor, originally Het-Heru (house of Horus, the womb), birthed the Hero, the King. She was the Great Mother who held space for all humanity and will hold space for us on our journey.

Ultimately our goal as spiritual seekers is to be healed, whole, fully integrated, and to become the Universal Dancer—the World card in the Tarot—to reach the gold in the alchemical process. And like the alchemical process, we go through many stages, have many teachers, and shed many skins on our journey of turning lead into gold—walking our path to becoming the best version of ourselves.

Our aim in this sacred space is to create a safe environment, like a womb, where the seeker can grow and expand without fear of judgment. Where individuals can be exposed to ideas, both new and old, and have the freedom to explore these ideas and make their own decisions about what truth is—to learn to be discerning and think for themselves.