Universal Dancer Temple of the Sacred Arts

Ancient Egypt Meets Modern Day

Welcome to The Universal Dancer Temple of Sacred Arts, a sacred abode where seekers of knowledge can explore and express their deepest desires without fear of judgment. It is a place of growth where, like the ancient temples of the past, one can connect with the divine and pursue higher learning.

At the heart of this mystical realm lies the principles of Hat-Hor, the neteret of the divine feminine. She who birthed the Hero, the King, and nurtured humanity with her boundless love and wisdom. She holds a sacred space for all seekers to embark on their journey of healing, integration, and transformation, becoming the Universal Dancer —the World card in the Tarot —reaching the pinnacle of the alchemical process, turning lead into gold. Along this path, we shed many skins, cross many thresholds, and are guided by many teachers, all in pursuit of becoming the best version of ourselves.

At The Universal Dancer Temple, we strive to create a sanctuary, a womb-like environment, where seekers can explore new and ancient ideas without fear of judgment—a place where they can learn to be discerning and think for themselves, finding their own truth. Here, we embrace diversity and celebrate each individual's unique journey, supporting them on their path to wholeness and integration.