A transformational event to deepen your embodiment of the Divine Feminine, embrace Her Mysteries, and uncover your role in birthing the new earth.


It is rising from deep within the earth, into our sacred wombs, into our hearts. It demands to be heard. The Divine Feminine call is a call to peace, joy, meaning, collaboration, love, and reverence for all of life. It’s a call to work with the unseen world, the archetypal, and with Source itself, so that we can access more of our divine humanity. And a call to wholeness and healing, a journey of descent through the depths of the dark and the dying, so we can return into the light with our gathered wisdom. When we answer this call, we stand in our authentic power and sovereignty, creating from our deepest intuitive knowing and a place of interconnection. Outdated patriarchal structures and systems that do not serve people or planet fall away, and together, we envision and reveal a more beautiful future for everyone.

Included in the Retreat Package

  • Recorded Interviews

    Nine 40-50 minute recorded video and audio interviews.

  • Ceremonies

    An Opening Ceremony and an Embodiment Integration Ceremony.

  • Speakers Information

    Bios, websites, and social media contacts for all of our guests.

  • Contemplation Questions

    Questions and practices to deepen your experience

  • Free Gifts

    Free gift offerings from each of our guests

  • Bonus Events

    Bonus experiential events in February and March.

  • April Online Event

    Follow-up speakers event with new presenters

Your Co-hosts


Keren Brown

Keren Brown is a certified professional coach (CPCC), certified facilitator of Dr. Christine Page's Women's Mysteries for the Modern Woman, movement facilitator, and marketing consultant for creative entrepreneurs. Through private and group coaching, as well as online programs, Keren supports women to move through the challenges, transitions and Mysteries of the second half of life with more joy, vitality and ease, through embodying the WiseWoman archetype and embracing feminine wisdom practices. Keren has hosted a number of summits, including the quarterly Awakened Midlife Interview Series, and the GoGreenInside Summit. WiseWomanleading.com.


Leslie Zehr

Leslie Zehr is a mystic, sacred arts teacher, workshop leader, mentor, and author, who, for more than 30 years, has supported women to reconnect to the Divine Feminine within through the mysteries of ancient Egypt. A trained hypnotherapist, reiki master, astrologer, aromatherapist, and homeopath, Leslie is the author of two books –The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer and The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites. Her lectures and workshops have taken her from Cairo, ancient Egyptian temples, and archaeological sites along the Nile River to studios and centers across the United States. Currently, Leslie offers courses through her online school, Universal Dancer Temple of the Sacred Arts, and she is the Host and Producer of The Universal Dancer Podcast.


We invite you to a turning within and towards, deep contemplation, and nourishment as we experience the beautiful facets and faces of the divine feminine within you, so you can embody and embrace Her mysteries more fully. Through discussion, experiential practices, journeying, ceremony, and activations, our feminine wisdom keepers will help you to explore:
  • The core feminine wounds and how to heal them
  • Ways to embrace all that is dying so we can be reborn
  • How to harness the power of descent, initiation, and ascent in your life
  • Coming into your authentic feminine power and vitality at midlife and beyond
  • Goddess archetypes from around the world and how to work with them in practical ways
  • The Mother archetype rising in us and in the collective

...and more

by Misha Allen

"Exploring the Unseen via Divine Feminine was amazing. This is exactly what we need at this time of transformation on Earth. I was so happy to receive guidance on different way of connecting to my own divine feminine as well as self healing , self transformation and so much love and wisdom from all the speakers. It gives me much hope for living with peace, joy and abundance on this Earth! Thank you!"

"It’s almost like a jingle in my mind, and it goes something like this: Have you heard the call? Have you seen the Light that shines from within? YOU are the Wise Woman, the vessel of the Divine Feminine … step into your power, your strength, your mission — and shine even Brighter! From this day on…"

by K.V.

“I am so very thankful that people are spending their time and energy in creating this free content which are valuable teachings to me and would not be accessible to me at this time if I had to pay. So thank you so much to all the beautiful woman (and men) who make this possible, it means a lot to me.”

by Tove

“I loved this beautiful event. It really dived into so many different aspects of the Divine Feminine. The interviews were respectful, joyful and structured in a good way. It was a very good introduction to the Devine Feminine and I felt inspired from it and still do. Thank you so much!”

by Renata from Poland

"This event took me to a space that I longed for very much, but in a man's world I was not aware of it. This longing brought me your wonderful event to the other hemisphere, to Poland. I feel completely different after watching many lectures because I didn't manage to see them all. Things look completely different now! I bow with respect to your beautiful work because thanks to it I feel that it will be easier for me to bring the topic to my community and further into the world.

by A.M.

“Exploring the Unseen 2 was an incredible retreat!  The speakers were incredible mentors, role models and activists for the Divine Feminine.  It was an honor to sit at the feet of these gorgeous women and listen to the wisdom that they had to impart.  I am so looking forward to the next one!!“

by J.M.

“This was an incredibly inspiring event and I felt very privileged to be part of it. The speakers brought a sweeping breadth of knowledge and wisdom to what they shared with us, and our hosts were adept at making me feel that I was both an intimate part of the conversation, and of an immeasurably far-reaching spiritual community of common purpose. Deep gratitude to everyone who made this possible”.

by A.T.

"Watching the interviews was an experience of recognition. Of naming my own path and experience as a creator and healer. It was a moment of seeing what has been visible yet unseen to me in a new and deeper way. Thank you”.

by H.B.

“I so appreciate your holding the inspired reminders of our sacredness, our connectedness, and generously sharing your wisdom and love! Thank you deeply.”

"The length and range of speakers was just right. As the content was quite diverse it was enough to manage without being overwhelming. Thank you much was thought provoking. Well done.”

Retreat Overview

  • 1


    • A message from your co-hosts

    • Sharing Your Experiences

    • Welcome to Answering the Divine Feminine Call!—Video

    • Welcome to Answering the Divine Feminine Call!—Audio Only

  • 2

    Special Bridging Events

    • Answering the Divine Feminine Call Panel Discussion Replay—Video

    • Answering the Divine Feminine Call Panel Discussion Replay—Audio

  • 3

    Day 1: Christine Pensa

    • Opening Ceremony: Your Divine Sovereign Vibration—Video

    • Opening Ceremony: Your Divine Sovereign Vibration—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • Divine Feminine Creatrix Story by Christine Pensa-Video

    • Christine Pensa's Guided Visualization-Audio Only

    • About Christine Pensa

    • Books by Christine Pensa

    • Christine's Free Offering

  • 4

    Day 2: Emmi Mutale

    • Healing the Five Core Feminine Wounds with Emmi Mutale—Video

    • Healing the Five Core Feminine Wounds with Emmi Mutale—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • About Emmi Mutale

    • Books by Emmi Mutale Template

    • Emmi's Free Offering

  • 5

    Day 3: Nicole Moen

    • Gathering Your Divine Feminine Roots with Nicole Moen—Video

    • Gathering Your Divine Feminine Roots with Nicole Moen—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • About Nicole Moen

    • Nicole's Free Offering

  • 6

    Day 4: Prune Harris

    • Moving Energy to Empower Menopause, Midlife, and Beyond—Video

    • Moving Energy to Empower Menopause, Midlife, and Beyond—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • Prune's Energy Practice (from interview)

    • About Prune Harris

    • Books by Prune Harris

    • Prune's Free Offering

  • 7

    Day 4 Bonus: Keren Brown

    • Menopause, Midlife, and Initiation as the WiseWoman—Video

    • Menopause, Midlife, and Initiation as the WiseWoman—Audio Only

    • About Keren Brown

    • Keren's Free Offering

  • 8

    Day 5: Meghan Don

    • Dying Into the Mother's Love: Knowing the Darkness and Light as One—Video

    • Dying Into the Mother's Love: Knowing the Darkness and Light as One—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • About Meghan Don

    • Books by Meghan Don

    • Meghan's Free Offering

  • 9

    Day 6: Roshney Mistry

    • The Divine Feminine: Insight Into The Hindu Goddesses—Video

    • The Divine Feminine: Insight Into The Hindu Goddesses—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • About Roshney Mistry

    • Roshney's Free Offering

  • 10

    Day 6 Bonus: Leslie Zehr

    • The Serpent Goddess: Dual Aspects of the Divine Feminine with Leslie Zehr—Video

    • The Serpent Goddess: Dual Aspects of the Divine Feminine with Leslie Zehr—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • About Leslie Zehr

    • Books by Leslie Zehr

    • Leslie's Free Offering

  • 11

    Day 7: Aletheia Sophia

    • Embracing Elderhood: Staying Alive In The Dying Process with Aletheia Sophia—Video

    • Embracing Elderhood: Staying Alive In The Dying Process with Aletheia Sophia—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • About Aletheia Sophia

    • Aletheia's Free Offering

  • 12

    Day 8: Coco Oya Cienna-Rey

    • The Mother Archetype Rises!—Video

    • The Mother Archetype Rises!—Audio Only

    • Deepen Your Experience

    • About Coco Oya Cienna-Rey

    • Coco's Free Offering

  • 13

    Day 8: Kahu Lāhela Johnson

    • Embodiment Integration Ceremony—Video

    • Embodiment Integration Ceremony—Audio Only

    • About Kahu Lāhela Johnson

    • Lāhela's Free Offering