"Drawing Down the Moon" was an ancient practice usually done by priestesses on the full-moon to invoke the energy of the moon. Since the beginning of time women have been the keepers of cycles and rhythms—it is intrinsic to us—part of our biology. Not only do we see the waking and waning of the moon—we feel it—we respond to it.

In modern times we have become disconnected from nature and her cycles. We have moved so far from the time when women would take the time to gathered together to honor each other, nature and our cycles.

Leslie has been holding women’s circles and counseling women for more than 27 years. Holding space for others is Leslie’s gift. She feels the importance and urgency for women to re-connect to the natural cycles and rhythms, and to reclaim their position as time/cycle keepers. Leslie wants to create a space for other women who also feel that calling to be supported.

Leslie’s aim is to create a sacred space, via the Internet. A haven where women from all over the world can to come together, pause, and take a moment to connect, to re-member the Goddess/Divine Feminine and honor her lunar cycles. A place, a moment out of time, where women can recharge, be nurtured and be in-spired on a monthly basis in alignment with the moon.

Technology allows us to connect with other women remotely, in spirit. It allows us to step out of our limited surroundings and interact with others—through space. Women from all over the world will be coming together in one auspicious moment, out of time, with one focus, one purpose; to realign with nature through the illumination that the moon brings—an “illumination” that is even more potent in its dark phase.

These ceremonies are an opportunity to step out of the mundane time and enter magical time, sacred time, in a sacred space, like our great-great-great-grandmothers did—even if only for just an hour. It is an opportunity to feed and nurture your soul monthly by connecting to the Great-Mother, the Sacred Feminine—to re-establish that rhythm with the moon through dance.

The ceremony is recorded each month allowing women to do it at their convenience. During the ceremony we use all the tools in our tool-box: dance, astrology, essential oils, Al-chemia Remedies, guided visualization, journaling, the elements, power animals...and so much more. Join us in Dancing Down the Moon.

Online Women's Lunation Ceremonies

from Cairo, Egypt

  • Dark Moon

    This ceremony is an opportunity to plant seeds for the coming month, to step out of mundane time and enter magical time, sacred time, in a sacred space, like our great-great-great-grandmothers did eons ago—honoring the moon in her dark, mysterious phase.

  • Full Moon

    We align at this auspicious moment to re-member the ancient practices long forgotten. It is an opportunity for “illumination”, to feed and nurture our souls monthly by connecting to the Great-Mother, the Divine Feminine—to re-establish that rhythm with the moon.

  • Live Online Gathering

    Once a month we come together to discuss and process our journeys in a live online gathering. It is a time to share our experiences from the month and benefit from the wisdom of other women.

Course curriculum


  • Leslie Zehr

    Leslie Zehr

    Writer Leslie Zehr teaches Sacred Dance, helping women reconnect to the sacred feminine. She is also the host of the Sacred Dance Summit, as well as being an aromatherapist, hypnotherapist, reiki master and astrologer. She has published two books, "The Alchemy of Dance: Sacred Dance as a Path to the Universal Dancer," and "The Al-chemia Remedies: Vibrational Essences from Egyptian Flowers and Sacred Sites." In her more than 30 years in Egypt, Leslie has created innumerable projects. Leslie's main work has been the Universal Dancer, a method she developed through her own spiritual and transformational journey in Egypt and through which she teaches Sacred Dance, a meditational form of dance that empowers women, reconnecting them to the sacred feminine within while at the same time being both healing and transformational. Through dance, Leslie retells the archetypal stories using music, primordial energies, sacred geometry, wave motion and vibration, taking women back through time to the essence of their being, initiating and unlocking the esoteric wisdom buried deep within their psyche. Her workshops have been attended by hundreds of women of different nationalities and taken her from Cairo and ancient Egyptian temples along the Nile River to studios and centers in New York, Maine, Maryland, Arizona, Washington and Puerto Rico.

$20/Month or $200/Year (2 months free)

Includes access to both live events as well as the video library and resource center

Calling all women!

Join Leslie Zehr, and a global sisterhood of women, to gather at these auspicious moments to re-member the ancient practices long forgotten, of honoring the moon in all her phases.

Join us!