Feminine Courage: Finding Your Voice and Vision with Meghan Don

March 13-27, 2024

How do we cultivate courage, and find our truest voice and vision, so needed in these transformative times?

In this immersive 3-week experience, together we will walk the pathway of embodying divine feminine wisdom, becoming fully alive and fully human as we come to a deeper understanding of and integrate the “Daughter of Light” and “Daughter of the Dark” aspects within us. Experience and embody the depths of the Cosmic Mother as these aspects are fully seen and acknowledged, opening the way into your heart and soul, and revealing your pure essence, so you can discover your true power, voice, and vision.

Session 1: Restoring True Hope and Faith in Your Humanity - the Daughter of Light

March 13 (Wednesday), 8 pm UTC (4 pm EDT, 10 pm EET, 9 am NZ (next day, March 14))

In this session we’ll explore questions such as: What is true hope? What is true faith? Do you have faith in humanity and most of all, in your own humanity?

You will go beyond wishful thinking and fantasy into a grounded expansion, opening the way to who you are becoming, and understanding what lives in the light of your nature, reigniting a sense of joy within you.

Session 2: Reclaiming the Truth of Your Dark Wisdom - the Daughter of the Dark

March 20 (Wednesday), 8 pm UTC (4 pm EDT, 10 pm EET, 9 am NZ (next day, March 21))

In our second week together, we will move towards the wisdom that waits for you in the dark. You will be gently led into the cave of your heart and soul, where you will find what is waiting to be setfree within you. Through this freedom, you will receive the wisdom that lies beneath.

Session 3: The Mother Ground of Being

March 27 (Wednesday), 8 pm UTC (4 pm EDT, 10 pm EET, 9 am NZ (next day, 28))

Uniting your Daughter of Light and your Daughter of the Dark within, you now drop deeper into the place where your Infinite Wisdom resides. Experience your inner and outer Mother. Learn to sit in Repose -- a state of awakened awareness -- and BE, with nothing to think about, nothing to do or say or ask.

From this place, you’ll experience pure peace of mind, body, and soul -- Heaven here on Earth!

From your Heavenly-Earth nature, your true Voice and Vision arise.

Each 90-minute session includes:

  • An opening prayer
  • Chants, gentle movement, and healing sounds to create space and embody
  • A teaching on the topic
  • Deeper journeying/meditation to meet yourself and the Cosmic Mother
  • Journaling and sharing time

Can't make it live? No problem. Each session will be recorded. You can watch the replay.


Guest Instructor

Meghan Don

Meghan Don is an Award-Winning Author, Earth Pilgrimage Leader, Spiritual Mentor, and Death & Dying Guide. She has helped hundreds of women on their journey as they return to their inner soul and true nature, helping them to trust in their own selves and express who they are in their lives. Meghan’s own life has been a long pathway back into this inner trust and now stands in her own grounded being with complete confidence. Meghan is known for her insight and being able to lead people into their natural inner peace and calm and their own wisdom. She is a great believer in the power of joy and laughter and coming from an Irish/Scottish heritage she deeply connects with Mother Earth and all of her creatures. She specializes in leading Earth pilgrimages to help others connect in this way. Meghan has also studied the Christian women mystics and spent many years training with a Gnostic-Kabbalistic Master. Through this, she developed a deep love for the Cosmic Mother, especially in the form of Mother Mary and the Black Madonna, and a profound relationship with Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, who have taught her the pathway of inner authority. Her books are: "Feminine Courage, Remembering Your Voice and Vision Through A Retelling of Our Myths and Inner Stories," "Meditations with Teresa of Avila: A Journey Into the Sacred," and "Sacred Companions Sacred Community: Reflections with Clare of Assisi." She has had a rich and full life, traveling, teaching, and living in many countries around the world. She is now back in her birth country of New Zealand writing an experiential trilogy on death and dying.


$133 for three 90-minute sessions